(TUPO) is a platform designed to bring the sport of ultimate and its fundamental concepts closer to the general public and the general public closer to ultimate. There are all sorts of unique things going on in the ultimate world that are relevant to society.  Both on and off the field, ultimate colors the experiences of athletes, fans, and their families, but believe it or not, these people also interact with the outside world.  This web space is a platform for those two worlds to intersect and to explore similarities and comparisons between the two.  Maybe, just maybe, we can learn something interesting from the whole mess.  


If you are an ultimate player, we hope you learn how our ultimate world might overlap with other audiences.  If you are not an ultimate player, we hope you learn how your unique place in the world has more in common with our sport than you might have thought.  Please discuss and let us know your perspectives, because we certainly know ours enjoys a healthy challenge as often as possible. 


Reach out to us if you have thoughts you would like to share through the platform.  We would love to hear your voices, whether via discussion banter or a guest post (email us!), but keep it clean and keep it smart.  


Zahlen + Xtehn + Vehro + Rohre + Qxhna




The five siblings have been playing ultimate for decades.  Between them they have won various national and world championship medals, coached hundreds of highschool and college players on teams across the country (and internationally!), and have spent a good deal of the last decade working on businesses and non profits in the ultimate world., are among the more prominent organizations. More will certainly surface as the years continue, as the siblings have a long term outlook on the growth of the sport.