The Ultimate Chemistry

Baking, scientific research, sports teams, cheesemaking, engineering. They all have something in common, and no, we’re not talking about a bionic pro-team sponsored by a baked cheese snack company... 

Chemistry makes them work.

University of Wisconsin men’s basketball has chemistry. They also have access to some awesome cheese. Where do they get it, you might ask (the chemistry, not the cheese)?

Ultimate Frisbee, obviously.

Even a stranger on the sidelines of an ultimate game could tell you about the chemistry that’s there.  The ultimate community is bubbling with social and emotional connections fostered by shared passion and experience.  Chemistry is a common and arguably necessary part of most teams, sport-related and otherwise, but ultimate is an exaggerated example.  Maybe it is a result of the community of characters that play, or maybe it is inherent in a sport founded on the Spirit of the Game.  Whatever the source, teammates and opponents, rookies and old timers, athletically inclined persons and otherwise flock to bars after games, share wisdoms and laughs on the sidelines, and form lifelong friendships.

Not an ultimate player? No worries, we have enough of this ultimate chemistry to go around. The Wisconsin Badgers men’s basketball team, known for their “trademark chemistry” have cultivated it in part through some creative cross-training.  You guessed it: ultimate. In a 2011 interview by Jeff Eisenberg, badger after badger talked summer ultimate scrimmages, and how they nurtured team chemistry and gave the coaches insight into how the players would perform in-season on the basketball court. Strength and conditioning coach Scott Hettenbach, a disc enthusiast himself, thought ultimate would be a good way for the team to stay in shape, test their endurance and improve hand-eye coordination.  He saw new leaders and skills emerge and, above all, a lot of good fun.

Looking for an off-season training regimen, a way to build team collaboration, or a better grade in your Chem class? Ultimate can help in two of thee three situations.

Disclaimer: the TUPO Guru assumes no responsibility for your Chemistry grade. Consider a tutor. 

-TUPO Guru