San Jose Students Join the Ultimate Community


Bay Area Disc published an article by Giulia Basile early this month about Ultimate’s impact on the students at San Jose public school. 

The school at San Jose has a diverse population of kids, approximately 40% Vietnamese and 60% Hispanic students, all of which qualify for free and reduced lunch. As a low-income, underperforming middle school, San Jose lacks resources for its students, including many opportunities to play organized after-school sports.  That is, until Basile, with the support of volunteers and generous financial contributions from Bay Area Disc, organized an Ultimate team last spring.

In addition to the many positive byproducts of playing Ultimate, the sport is an ideal option for many low-income communities because it is inexpensive to play and organize, in part because it doesn’t require officials. To get started, all you really need is a disc and cones, a field, and a little Spirit. That spirit has gone a long way at San Jose middle school, benefiting both the students and contributing to the beautiful diversity of the Bay Area Ultimate community.


“Discs now fly with the seagulls over the black top during lunch Monday through Friday,”

The work that Bay Area Disc and Giulia have done for the students at San Jose is incredible. It is wonderful to see the community grow as more youth learn to play Ultimate.

You can learn more about Basile’s team at San Jose in her own words via Bay Area Disc:

-TUPO Staff