Ivan, the Incredible

When I was in middle school it was my biggest dream to learn to juggle on a unicycle.  Why? I have no idea, but I remember researching unicycles and having my mom sew me little rice filled bags for me to practice with.  In the end though, I never bought that unicycle.  As simple a dream as that was, I never let it within my reach.

There are so many weird schemes I’ve concocted over the years, grandiose ideas of spending 6 months backpacking through Europe, or opening a gourmet pancake restaurant. I think many people have dream seeds like these they have stored in their back pockets, waiting for the right opportunity for them to sprout and bear fruit. Often we do not pursue these dreams because they seem too “crazy” or are not practical financially or otherwise.

So what allows a dream to grow?  Risk, passion and a lot of work.

"If you risk nothing, you will achieve nothing. Our world is so vast and amazing, yet I have seen very little of it. We should use our time fully and wisely to go out explore or explore inwardly, to engage our minds – not doing this is a crime. You have to understand and recognize that we will never be as young, strong, and trustful of our body as at this very moment. Learn, share, and grow as much as you can."

-Ivan Xu (on his couch surfing page)

And Ivan Xu has done just that.  He has traveled, chased his dream on a bike with a disc in hand and coolest of all, done so for a great cause. Ivan with his iBike Ultimate project is a great example of the potential for an individual's passion and purpose to have a scaled impact on society.  

Do what you love, and love what you do.

Ivan loves ultimate, Ivan loves travel, Ivan loves biking.  So Ivan has biked across two continents playing ultimate. Duh, right?  Well, it turns out that it is no easy task.  He's gotten loads of support from friends, family, and partner orgs, but those are definitely not the folks biking through the rain, uphill, in the dark.   

100 days of cycling, 4 crashes, 14 countries, 5000 km and 21 ultimate games later Ivan is achieving his goal: to bring more attention to ultimate in China and inspire young athletes to grab a disc and play. 

Mad props to Ivan.

Ivan visiting his sponsors at  Five Ultimate HQ  before his trip.

Ivan visiting his sponsors at Five Ultimate HQ before his trip.

Kind of makes you want to get out there and do something crazy. Maybe I will get that unicycle.  

-TUPO Guru