FEATURE : Want to Feel Good, and Look Fly? Five Ultimate Gives 10% of Your Order to Ultimate.


Written by: Christian Brink, of Birdfruit and VP of Business Development at Five Ultimate LLC

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The results are in: you’re in charge of ordering jerseys for your team.

Take a second to relish the power you’ve been handed. Through some miracle, you have control of the team’s look for an entire season! Now, how to proceed?

Uniforms are one of the first things an opponent notices about your team. Your style contributes to their opinion of who you are, and your ultimate values, before you even step on the line. What sort of message do you want to project for all to see? That’s power. And you wield it. You!

But your power doesn’t end with choosing a jersey design. You have the ability to put some of the money from your team order back into the sport you love. You can literally grow the sport and get sweet gear at the same time. All you have to do is order from Five Ultimate.

Five was founded by six siblings in Seattle, WA in 2006. Okay, you caught me, it was five siblings. That’s where they got the name, of course.


The siblings’ vision was to create a company that would build ultimate and help the players look fly at the same time. True to that vision, Five has given over 10% of its net revenue back to the sport each year.

That’s not a small amount of money, mind you. If your team order costs $1500, Five will stick $150 straight back into ultimate via partners that work for the continued growth of our sport and its adoption around the world.


Oh, it might be time for a spoiler alert: I work for Five.


Yep, that’s probably a conflict of interest or something. But I don’t really care. I’m damn confident saying that Five does more for the sport of ultimate than any apparel company out there, and I’m proud to work for a company that supports the sport I love.

I don’t mean to imply that others in the ultimate apparel industry are sitting back and doing nothing to advance the sport, and I’d appreciate it if you stopped putting words in my mouth.


On the contrary, VC has grown women’s ultimate through Without Limits, Spin runs a youth clinic in Atlanta, and Savage makes apparel for Quidditch teams, which I can only assume is an effort to make ultimate seem cool and mainstream by comparison.


Ultimate players are extremely fortunate to have a bunch of organizations that want to grow the sport in addition to making a living. Five is just the only one with a stated policy to give 10% back to the sport we all love.


That means that you can get some fly threads this year, and know that a decent chunk of that change is moving ultimate forward.


I think that makes Five a better choice for you team order, but that’s just me.


I understand that you’re skeptical. I would be skeptical in your situation. I guess I’ll just have to conclude with a list of organizations Five has supported over the years. You can decide whether or not to trust me.


One final thing:


I know some of you would rather do your donating directly, rather than going with  Five and letting us make the decision about who gets the cash.


Lucky for you, most of the organizations below are certified non-profits that could definitely use your help. Check out their sites and consider donating.



See you on the field,




Christian Brink is the VP of Business Development at Five Ultimate

A former captain of UPS Postmen, and current flatballer for Seattle Birdfruit, Christian rules the sales and marketing departments at Five Ultimate with an iron fist, and finds joy in delivering retribution to anyone who misuses the Five brand. His hobbies include disregarding "do not touch" signs in museums, and planting easter eggs in Five's marketing materials. Christian is currently finding that writing about yourself in the third person is super awkward. He's frankly wondering who is going to bother getting to the end of this bio, and that now is probably a good time to quit while he's ahead, if he ever was.



awesome organizations Five supports: 

Support them by donating directly through links below, or repping them with our partner gear (20% goes straight back to them):



Ultimate Peace  \\  2007-present  //  donate OR get sweet gear

All Girl Everything Ultimate Program (AGE UP)  \\  2011-present  //  donate OR get sweet gear

All-Star Ultimate Tour  \\  2015 // get sweet gear

USA Ultimate \\ donate

      Girls Ultimate Movement (GUM)  \\  2014-present  // run a clinic OR get sweet gear

      US National Teams  \\  2008-present //get sweet gear

      Coaching Development Program (CDP)  \\  2011-present // get sweet gear

      Observer Certification Program  \\  2011-present // get sweet gear

DiscNW  \\  2008-present  //  donate OR get sweet gear

Breaking Borders  \\  2013-present // donate

Early Recognition is Critical (E.R.I.C.)  \\  2014-present  //  donate

Every single youth team we've ever worked with  \\  2007-present


Hundreds of college and club teams around the world


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