FEATURE: Growing Up with Jaclyn


Written by: Emmy Hunt, High School Junior at Seattle Prep

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Jaclyn Verzuh #22 for  Seattle Riot , played on the other side of last year's home opener, with the  All-Star Ultimate Tour's  2015 lineup.

Jaclyn Verzuh #22 for Seattle Riot, played on the other side of last year's home opener, with the All-Star Ultimate Tour's 2015 lineup.

Two short years ago, Jaclyn Verzuh was a Senior when I was a freshman. Playing with Ballard High School, I was part of a young and developing ultimate team. We did all we could to prepare for our regular season game against another Seattle high school team, Lakeside, and that was not nearly enough. Not only did Lakeside already have many club players on their team, they also had Jaclyn, who I had heard was insane on the field. Lucky for us, Jaclyn was gone for our game that year, but we still lost the game. I could not even imagine how it would have been if Jaclyn had been there.


My freshman year at the annual Spring Reign ultimate tournament, I saw Lakeside playing on a nearby field. I did not really understand the uniqueness people said Jaclyn played with until that game at Spring Reign. Although she was a quiet leader, she led the team with determination, sportsmanship and spirit. She was a force to be reckoned with on the field, and I remember thinking to myself – I was so happy she missed that regular season game against Ballard because I could only imagine what the score would have been if she had been playing! She played as if she would do anything to get the disc, whether it was a block, a strong cut, a jump, or a bid.


Ever since that one game at Spring Reign, I have heard of her and her accomplishments everywhere. She was my brother’s camp counselor at Seattle Youth Ultimate Camp and she now plays on Seattle Riot, the top club team in the region.


Seeing her now play in Riot games is surreal, but also so cool, especially because just a short time ago she was playing for Lakeside at the same time I was playing for Ballard. She plays with the same calm and quiet force she played with while on Lakeside, and it was so inspiring to watch. Playing ultimate since 4th grade myself, I know how much work and spirit it takes to be good at the sport. I respect all of the work she has put in and all of the experiences she has had since she started playing in 5th grade.

Watching Jaclyn play against the All Star Ultimate Tour this weekend brought back old memories to when she played in high school, and hearing all of the stories of her accomplishments throughout the years. Her journey has not only inspired me, but many others who want to continue their ultimate journeys. Jaclyn’s determination and commitment to ultimate pushes me to not only be a good leader but also a committed and spirited player on and off of the field.


Emmy Hunt, Junior at Seattle Prep

Emmy is a rising junior at Seattle Prep, but plays ultimate at her local school, Ballard High. Outside of ultimate, she spends most of her time either in school, playing basketball, or drawing pictures of Despicable Me minions. She looks forward to every spring because it is ultimate season, which means Spring Reign is right around the corner. Emmy believes that the values intrinsic to ultimate, like self-officiation and Spirit of the Game have made her a better person on and off of the field. She always looks forward to playing, whether with old friends, current friends, or new friends, and will always find a way to pick up a disc and play.


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