Transition Time

"Now is a time to celebrate what sport can still be." 

Sometimes an airport can be the best place to collect random snippets of content that you would not otherwise come across.  The above pictured article, while a bit grim, is an excellent reminder that we all have the choice to comport ourselves in a way that upholds "corinthian values" and has a positive impact in a seemingly negatively peppered year in sports. 

"Remember that there is still an awful lot to celebrate about sport, [...] there may be many bad guys, but the good guys will surely win out in the end." -Tony Hodson

As you start to warm up to the year ahead, consider what it is that drives you to compete. Consider what values your favorite athletes aspire to display, on and off the field, and consider if you agree with them and want to support them as a citizen of the world, not just as a record breaker or play maker. Consider the impact that such sports heroes are having on our society, on children around the world, or even on your own children.  Consider the fact that you have a choice to hold individuals in high regard, but also to hold yourself to high standards when it comes to participating in sport, both competing and spectating alike. "Sport still has the power to do wonderful things." 

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