Letter From Your Captain


Hi team,


It’s me, your captain speaking. How incredible that somehow a group of people appointed me their leader, or queen as I like to think. If only you knew what you were getting yourselves into.


But somehow here I am. Running drills that I made up on the spot, dancing more than playing, throwing a hammer every other point. Not your typical leadership style to say the least. I’m no Sidney Crosby or Michael Jordan, but I’ve been around long enough to see the potential this scrappy team has. We have an unconventional system but it works.


I couldn’t be happier to lead a mishmash of girls voluntarily hanging out with me despite the other things you could be doing at 10 at night. The weekends you could’ve spent snuggled up in your bed instead of crammed into a couple of hotel rooms or single person apartment. You the real MVP’s. Cue the confetti and champagne showers.


Somehow I was able to convince you that this was a good idea and now I have trapped you with my charm, befriending an unlikely squad of ladies.


If it wasn’t for this flatball game we call ultimate, chances are we would’ve never crossed paths. What a tragedy that could’ve been. It’s like walking past your long lost twin without ever realizing. You all are like my family and I’m the mom...not just any mom, a cool mom.


Like any good mom I only want the best for my children.

Those conditioning workouts we do?

It’s so you can out last even the fastest of teams.

Those Saturday morning practices?

Put in place, not only to torture you after a night out, but being away from you guys for more than two days is too much for my heart to handle.

All those emails and last minute schedule changes?

To keep you on your toes, of course.


One day you collectively decided that I had what it takes to oversee a team and that confidence sparked a belief in me that I was more than a goofy, not-taken-seriously chick. I was a captain.     


I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you. From the top of my hammer to the dirt between my cleats. Thanks for sticking by me and making me feel important. There’s no better feeling than knowing that my team is behind me on the field and on the dance floor.


Don’t know how I got so lucky to lead a team like this one, but I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. You complete me.


I’m not crying, who’s crying?




Your captain