We believe ultimate is intrinsically good for the world.

You don't need us to tell you what makes ultimate unique. You live it, now sign your name to it. The Manifesto Project was created to get players stoked and vocal about the values that define our sport: character, community, inclusiveness, sportsmanship. Whether you play with a championship team, for the after-party, or to dish out sick scoobers, you are a part of this global community of players that are making a difference in the world. 

By signing on to the values of the game and sharing them with your friends, you are solidifying your status as someone who doesn't just play ultimate, but is an ultimate player. 


What makes an ultimate player?



Community (n.): 1) A collection of individuals who have a shared interest. 2) A group of people that rely on one another to further their cause. 3) The players you compete with and against.

The ultimate community is made up of people from all over the world who love the game, and care about being a part of, and giving back to, their communities, whether locally or globally. 


I celebrate CHARACTER.

Ultimate promotes a value system that builds strong and positive character.  Being human is part of being an ultimate player.  Part of that humanity is allowing experiences, whether positive or negative, to chisel character into us, a set of morals, a value system.  Character is an elusive quality, one that no one is born with. Instead, it is cultivated through experiences, and defined by actions and words. Having character is about being able to acknowledge our failures as well as our successes, looking for the bigger picture, and being the bigger human.   



In the rippling fabric of humanity, each individual is a fiber, adding strength, quality and color to the human race. An ultimate player believes that everyone should get a chance at the disc, that everyone is inherently worth the same. They believe that each person deserves to chase plastic, whether they are an All-Star Brute Squad player, a student from a low income neighborhood, a sarcastic video game failure, an average pickup player, and everything in between. Inclusiveness in ultimate depends on access and attitude, and accessibility will only grow the number of lives touched by a sport that means more than who has the most points at hard cap.


I care about the FUTURE of OUR SPORT and the WORLD. 

The actions that we as individuals and communities make now affect the immediate and long-term futures of our world. An ultimate player cares about the bigger picture, and the future of our sport and world. We all know that humans have a talent for screwing things up. Thankfully, along with being painfully aware of those shortcomings, some of us are passionate about trying to make the world a better place.  That is the quality of an ultimate player, my friends, the resolve to look at a burning building and look for the closest water spigot, not the nearest exit.  The future is not ours for the taking, it is ours for the making. The ultimate player continues to fight for a better sport and a better world.  Which future do you want to be a part of?


I spread the spirit of sportsmanship.

Imagine a world where competition didn't have a win-at-all-costs mentality, where sports set a positive example for society, where conflicts were resolved through discussion and shared input.  Sportsmanship is not just some lofty concept to exercise when it is convenient. It is a philosophy that benefits all life's relationships and interactions, once you start practicing it. Sportsmanship is the religion of the ultimate player, something to observe, cultivate, and share with the people around you.  


Dont just.png

There comes a time in life where you must decide what you stand for.

Now is that time. Stand with us and make this lovable, spherical rock a better place.